June 10, 2021

Suicide and Suicide Prevention

Suicide and Suicide Prevention

I wanted to bring awareness to the rising mental health crisis over the past year, especially because I've seen several deaths in my hometown. I released an episode on suicide and suicide prevention with an amazing expert! He answered all the big questions and many more I didn't even realize I had. 


I also wanted to share that, as therapists, one of the most devastating events that can happen is a client dying by suicide. In the episode, I share my own experience with this very early in my career. In 2021, this still affects me. In reality, there is much more that we DON'T know as therapists, and we need to truly humble ourselves with this truth.


I hope you check out the episode, especially because he explains what we can do for our loved ones who might be experiencing suicidal thoughts. 


-Revealing the Ivory Tower