April 28, 2021

Sports, Physical Therapy, and Problems of Other Sorts

Sports, Physical Therapy, and Problems of Other Sorts
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I met with Dr. David Meyer, a physical therapist who has an impressive history with athletes. He described his own journey of discovering missing components in physical therapy focusing on mindset and how he incorporates this practice with his clients currently. Dr. Meyer also identified the "neutering of academia" or the loss of passion experienced in grad school, along with the disconnect between theory in academia and real-world practice. Once he started working with athletes, he began to notice an importance of mindset that has been missing in the fields. He now trains with coaches and sports psychologists to fill in gaps in his practice. For you therapy nerds out there, he also discussed how mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy could play a helpful role in the future of physical therapy and sports psychology! Check him out on Instagram and his book Injured to Elite.  Music: DJ DanceAlone and Kevin MacLeod